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Passionforpattern loves the new fashion for breathing new life into classic designs with vibrant colours, often in striking combinations. This new example of the genre is from Passionforpattern hero, Lulu Lytle, the driving force behind Soane Britain, an inspirational treasure chest of classic gorgeousness on London’s Pimlico Road. While you’re there, check out the fabrics from Bennison round the corner. Owner, Gilly Newberry is master of re-creating original designs in vibrant colours.



There are times at Homes & Gardens when we just get blown away by the arrival of a new fabric design and today is one of them. If you believe that the raison d’etre of a fabric is to bring breathtaking pattern and colour, then the new Bloomsbury Collection from Sanderson is for you. Inspired by the wonderful, life enhancing world of the 1930s Bloomsbury group painters, it is the sort of new launch that makes us jump out bed in the morning.

Since last week’s post on the future of grey, the subject has been weighing heavily on my mind. One reason I think grey might never fade is that like no other colour, grey goes with just about everything, not just in schemes but also in fabric patterns. Lewis & Wood’s new Tea Rose from the Bukhara collection is a delicious case in point; here, grey doesn’t just complement the colours L&W have paired it with but actually enhances it. Tea Rose is £72 a metre….but then a little grey goes a long, long way.

Less than three days into the life of this blog and passionforpattern is already receiving ideas from random sources; this is a shot taken by Homes & Gardens Features editor, committed patternista Helen Stone, on the streets of Albequerque, Spain….not sure if it’s a stylish bus stop or just some where to cool your heels beneath the heat of the Spanish sun. What more inspiration do you need for an outdoor bench seat, ready for summer 2012? More of these please – don’t worry about the quality of the photography, the important thing is the IDEAS. The more random the better.

Patternistas of a crafty persuasion take note, a new haberdashery-cum-cafe – let’s call it a habercafery –  in Islington (99 Essex Road, London N1 34P offers tea and trimmings under one roof. There are fabrics and patterns for all the bags, cushions and throws you could dream of, plus glass headed pins, trim, buttons, measuring tapes, tailor’s scissors. You name it. And there’s a cafe, of course. Sip and snip!

There was much debate in the Homes & Gardens office this morning about the future of grey. OK, you might call it idle chatter but we call it WORK. It’s clearly more of a moment than, say, lilac (remember the lilac craze in the late 1990s? maybe you’d rather not?). We are divided; some of us think that it is here to stay, others that it will slowly and imperceptibly become a putty-green, like the  Incredible Hulk. I was in the latter camp until I saw this new Apex design from cole and son  and you realise that grey, like black and white, Wedgwood and Eastenders, could become and an enduring classic.

Phew! We’ve just sent the last few pages of a 32-page supplement on wallpaper to the printers. OK, so it’s wasn’t as gruelling as a triathon, say, but it was…consuming (and fun, too, I have to admit). The purpose was to show how rooms can be transformed by wallpaper – which it certainly did (you’ll have to wait and see, I’m afraid…it’s not on sale until 29 September). One of the highlights was using a new wallpaper from the inspired textile designer Clarissa Hulse who has teamed up with Harlequin .  Some of the designs have her distinctive look that is inspired by natural forms – others, such as Demeter Stripe, a big, bold design with a distinctive watercolour quality feels like a bold new departure. Here are some cushions from the collection that Clarissa shot in the wonderful Hathersage baths in Manchester. To see a room wall-to-wall in the stripe look out for the supplement. It’s breath taking!

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