Phew! We’ve just sent the last few pages of a 32-page supplement on wallpaper to the printers. OK, so it’s wasn’t as gruelling as a triathon, say, but it was…consuming (and fun, too, I have to admit). The purpose was to show how rooms can be transformed by wallpaper – which it certainly did (you’ll have to wait and see, I’m afraid…it’s not on sale until 29 September). One of the highlights was using a new wallpaper from the inspired textile designer Clarissa Hulse who has teamed up with Harlequin .  Some of the designs have her distinctive look that is inspired by natural forms – others, such as Demeter Stripe, a big, bold design with a distinctive watercolour quality feels like a bold new departure. Here are some cushions from the collection that Clarissa shot in the wonderful Hathersage baths in Manchester. To see a room wall-to-wall in the stripe look out for the supplement. It’s breath taking!