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The people at passionforpattern would never have made advertising copywriters, so we have decided to let the following words speak for themselves; discounted Christmas shopping at two Designers Guild stores, dreamy gifts, panettone, prosecco, passionforpattern hero Tricia Guild, a heaving great goodie bag worth £30, fabulous prizes, tickets at a very reasonable £15, proceeds to Oxfam, 30 November and 1 December. Nor are we economists either but we think that the whole thing sounds like a fantastic deal. And we’ll be there too, to discuss our unhealthy obsession with pattern and colour. See you there, we hope. For tickets visit the Designers Guild site.


Here’s evidence, if ever it were needed, of the transformative, mood enhancing powers of pattern and colour. The designer Paul Smith has created the interiors of a new Maggie’s cancer care centre that opened in his home town of Nottingham last week. The simple, modernist interiors have been given a stratospheric lift with a combination of florals and vibrant colours. Really, this picture says it all…

This isn’t a blatant plug for Homes & Gardens magazine. OK, yes, it is a blatant plug…but it’s a useful blatant plug for anyone who loves colour. Every month, Erika, our Art Director, creates these mood boards from the images in the forthcoming issue to create its own bespoke colour palette. This is December’s and we hope it will give you a bit of inspiration for the festive season. And you might also be inspired to buy the magazine. A snip at £3.80.

Imagine. Access to hundreds, if not thousands of wallpapers by your favourite brand, accessed from the comfort of your iPad. A dream? It was. But now, thanks to Cole & Son and Apple , it’s a beautiful reality. Being almost 150 years old doesn’t seem to have stopped this venerable (if increasingly funky) brand getting, um, er… down with the kids. We think it’s the first but if there are others, let passionforpattern know.

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