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There are few greater testaments to the mood-lifting properties of pattern than the new Kimono collection from Designers Guild that will be launched this Spring. It’s the sort of thrilling, life enhancing, space transforming combination of  pattern and colour that makes you realise the reason that beautifully-designed pattern exists. And the reason that passionforpattern gets out of bed in the morning.


While the idea of pattern on the floor is a subject close to passionforpattern’s heart, the reality of achieving it is more of a challenge. With a few notable exceptions there’s a gaping chasm between disturbingly cheerful rugs of distinctly ungenerous, doormat-like proportions and disturbingly expensive (if very beautiful) Persian rugs. But The Rug Company has stepped into the breach, helping to fill the chasm with these seven beautiful designs. If you are unable to resist them, they are yours from a very reasonable £195 to a far from unreasonable £1395.

…did it, Dali did it, Matisse did it, even David Hockney designed a fabric – with really stunning results. This Punchinella design that he adapted from a set he created for Ravel’s L’Enfant et Les Sortileges in the early 1980s has been re-issued (and re-scaled and re-coloured) by his friend Celia Birtwell. With Hockney mania set to grip London next week with the opening of A Bigger Picture at The Royal Academy, here’s an opportunity for patternistas to make their own tribute to Britain’s greatest living artist and fabric designer manque..

At passionforpattern something in our bones tells us that the world of textiles is on the cusp of an exciting revolution. A loosening up. A shaking down. A backlash against pre-crunch pomp and bluster. Its manifestation is a new wave of fabrics that are less about decoration and more about mood, ideas, humour even, from those with the most modest prices to the maddest. Over the course of the year, we’ll be hunting them down and showing them off, starting with this fabulous new brand Scion that will be available in John Lewis from early March. Prices will be around £25 a metre. A happy new year? A completely delirious one, more like….

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