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Country is back but not as you might remember it. Bye bye prim florals, corn dollies and wall-to-wall pine, hello large prints, bold stripes and crazy colours. See this stunning scheme – and plenty more – in the Dream Living Rooms supplement published with Homes & Gardens’ June issue on 3 May…


Passionforpattern hero, Kit Kemp, the creative genius behind some of the London’s most stylish hotels (as well as one in New York) – and arguably Britain’s most quietly influential interior designer – has launched an exquisite range of embroidered fabrics with Chelsea Textiles. For inspiration by the barrowload, feast your eyes on the digital brochure and then on her hotels, among others The Haymarket, The Covent Garden and The Soho in London and The Crosby Street in New York. Enjoy…


Never let it be said that the fabric industry is stuck in the past. Look at this; 18th-century bucolic depictions re-invented as a 21st century scene from whatever might be the French equivalent of Friends (Amis, Copains?). It’s the latest bit of lateral thought from those dazzlingly creative minds at Pierre Frey. Cool? It makes the Saatchi Gallery look positively stuck in the mud. And at £156.30 it’s cheaper than a Richard Wilson.   


A week ago, passionforpattern was waxing lyrical about fabrics that cost way north of £100 a metre.  This week, we’ve been stopped in our tracks, grabbed by the solar plexus, stunned into silence, by a fabric that costs a fraction of that amount. By this.  Behold. Venerate. Let the awe wash over you. Not only utterly beguiling but also yours for £30 a metre. It’s called Havana and it’s from Designers Guild. Call us fickle, inconsistent, all over the place. But so what? 

We just wonder because Luke Irwin’s new rugs owe more to Tiepolo than tribal textiles, more Italian palazzo than than ikat, more painter’s palette than pucci print. Dawn of a new trend or not, we think they’re terrific…

Tiles can pull in so many directions; mediterranean, alhambra, ali baba….abattoir. But here at passionforpattern we think that patchwork might be a first. They’re from the Navajo range by Neisha Crosland at De Ferranti. What better way to enhance your view when the land next door gets sold for development? Image


It’s easy to come over all parsimonious about fabrics that breach the £100 a metre mark. But when it comes to those that you are truly, madly, deeply passionate about, it’s amazing how a little goes a long way, particularly in a simple, pared down room. Take this utterly sublime Keros fabric from Vaughan (yours for a reassuring £120 a metre). What would you need for a blind? Two, three, metres maybe? Save your parsimony for a blind-making kit rather than employing a curtain maker and you have an aesthetic statement that is impossible to put a sensible monetary value on. And certainly more than £400.   


Yellow had its moment. But let’s face it; it was a just a moment, albeit it a lovely buttercup meadow in August kind of experience. But the fact is that too much of the mad, in-your-face yellow so beloved by 1980s decorators makes your retinas sting. And unsettles your soul. But conversely citrine – yellow with a dash of calming green  – makes your mouth water. Proof lies in harlequin’s delicious new Lucerne wallpaper from the Folia Collection. £48 for ten metres of unalloyed happiness. Citrine rocks. Citrine is here to stay.


Wherever you put it, on the floor, up the wall (or by the pool?), this stunning new rug from Woven Ground will deliver visual and tactile pleasure in spades. Better still, this pleasure doesn’t come at a ruinous cost; prices start at just £350 for a 200x290cm rug. Passionforpattern has been to shops where you’d be lucky to get a doormat for that amount.

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