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At passionforpattern we understand how easy it was for all those poor souls to have ended up with the sorry predicament of all-white rooms. They believed the style bibles that told them that it was the ‘epitome of urban chic’/’made the most of all the available light’/’created a wonderful backdrop for their vintage finds’. We know, too, that secretly they really loved the fact that it meant not having to spend hours agonising over a paint chart or having to go to the expense of buying any carpets. And so they set to work, slosh, slosh, slosh, painting everything in sight, even the family dog if it was silly enough to get in the way. But there is a source of redemption thanks to the new brand Sanderson Home. Yours from just £25 a metre. Simples.


Unless you’re on board, you’re unlikely to see it, so here’s the rug designed by London interior designer Emily Todhunter and produced by The Rug Company for Gloriana, the barge that will lead the flotilla in the Diamond Jubilee pageant this weekend.

More graphics? Or back to florals? Maybe even plains, albeit in a bold , colourblocking way, rather than shades of beige? Or will everything get progressively softer and more blurred  like the new Luke Irwin rugs we wrote about the other day or Barneby Gates’ exquisite new wallpaper (think Giotto meets Tiepolo, if your art history stretches back that far…or if it starts with Jack Vettriano, take our word for it). This trend is still in the foothills of its ascendancy, so it’s not available to buy quite yet but we thought you’d like a sneek preview. It’ll also be on show at Decorex in the Autumn (if your planning stretches forward that far).

To our knowledge, little research has been done into the relationship between pattern and happiness. But at passionforpattern, we reckon that in a scientifically controlled test (somewhere in Sweden, probably) 8 out of 10 previously very gloomy people would be rendered delirious with feelings of unbridled joy and well-being after an afternoon in Sofa Workshop’s Tomfoolery Sofa covered in Sanderson’s Bloomsbury Canvas Fabric.. How could they not?  We suspect that the two who continued to feel gloomy would be those who couldn’t find the remote control.


At houndstooths go (or is it teeth?) this defies description. Neither dazzly Dior at one extreme, nor tweedy Terry Thomas at the other. Just utterly, gorgeously simple and precious, like a Samoan carving. More of this please. It’s by the London based interior designer Emily Todhunter from The Rug Company. Where else?

Passionforpattern was hoping to be the first to report the Francis Bacon cushion story but it seems that London’s Evening Standard has pipped it to the post. Nevertheless, for our readers outside London and elsewhere, here it is, our (Almost) World Exclusive Scoop on new designs emblazoned with the painter’s work. Passionforpattern is going to remain firmly on the fence on this one and let you decide. Right or wrong? Let us know….if it’s the latter, let us know on how many levels… aesthetically, artistically, morally? Or all three? If it’s the former, visit The Official Francis Bacon Shop and have your credit card at the ready…

Let’s face it, mixing pattern is scary. At passionforpattern we feel your pain. We are aware that it requires a degree of confidence not everyone is born with (but can acquire). It is confidence that is necessary, not just for choosing pattern, but also for choosing what to mix it with. You won’t achieve this ability overnight but in the meantime there are tried and tested solutions that work wonders. Today, we want you meditate on the choose-any-pattern-you-like-as-long-as-it’s-the-same-colour approach. Simples. What is there to fear?

Patterned floors. Enough to make you come out in a cold sweat isn’t? Questions of cost, style and confidence in your aesthetic convictions conspire to make your life a misery. Well, OK, an overstatement but you get the gist. Until now that is. Passionforpattern hero, icon and all round pin up, Neisha Crosland comes to the rescue with this new design produced by Harvey Maria and available from next month. This is a turning point is the history of floors. Believe us. We know. Et in Arcadia sumus.

Go on. You first. You know you want to. Just take a deep breath and visit Squint’s website and order some.  Send passionforpattern a snap when you’ve done it. Then we’ll think about it.

Fortune favours the brave and all that.

You might never have heard of the interior designer Penny Morrison‘s fabric collection but you won’t forget having seen them, subliminally or otherwise. Here are some curtains we once created from her exquisite Mander design.  Discreet, distinctive and deeply desirable, from today they’re becoming a little easier to track down. Make a pilgrimage to the showroom she is sharing with linen specialist Nicole Fabre, Units R7 and R8, Redloh House, 2 Michael Road, London SW6 (0207 371 7787).

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