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Sofa, chairs, bean bags, deck chairs, all made out of sailcloth. Cool? As chilly as a northwesterly blowing over the beach at Rock, darling. British, posh and re-assuringly expensive…..Passionforpattern is in love. Check it it out here


So you thought toile de jouy was a nice safe option for the spare bedroom? As Katrin Cargill discovered when she put together this scheme for the August issue of Homes & Gardens (out next week), it can look pretty hallucinogenic. Go on…tell us you still want a white bathroom.

At passionforpattern, we have remained silent for far too long on the subject of grey….and now the time has come to be brave and stand by our aesthetic convictions. While we hate to spoil the fun, we have come to the conclusion that grey has had its day. We know, we know, we KNOW all the attractions. We know that that it is a quick and easy way to seem like a knowing urban sophisticate, a member of some counter intuitive aesthetic inner circle. But the colour that has now become as ubiquitous as beige a decade ago has a fundamental flaw –  the fact is that British-based readers of this blog live in the northern hemisphere where we have quite enough grey anyway; skies, sea, skin (even, you may have noticed recently, in the height of summer).  We need neutrals with warmth. And it’s called stone. It is grey with with a bit of red (or is it green?). As opposed to beige which is grey with a bit of yellow. It’s a subtle difference, we know. But it’s important. Please don’t hate us. If you look deep inside your souls, you know it’s true.

Modern day merchant adventurer Simon Collins has re-traced the steps of his ancestors to create the Cinnamon Wardrobe, a fascinating collection of lifestyle products he has sourced from southern India. Interiors accessories include this deeply chic, astonishingly good value, patterned cube….


We’ll be honest. We lost our mojo last week. The weather maybe? Or bad case of PJD (Post Jubilee Depression). But the unbridled joie de vivre of this fabulous design from Bazaar Velvet has floated our boat again. How could it not?    

Is this the coolest wallpaper to surface this summer? There are short odds are on that it will be. It’s a re-edition of a 1951 design in the Warner Archive , a collection of original documents from one of Britain’s most historic textile brands. It’s available  from Wallpaper Space. Place your bets…

It’s now been bucketing down for so long in the UK that even the prospect of some lightning this afternoon promises to break the monotony. What the afflicted need on a day like this is pattern with a sense of place, preferably somewhere warm, like this sublime new Elin fabric from Swedish textile and wallpaper company Sandberg that summons up the delicious dry heat of the Mediterranean where the temperature is north of 25 degrees on the Riviera. In London it’s twelve…

There are no limits to the lengths you can take this current graphic thing. Rugs, fabrics, cushions and now…a waste paper basket. And as waste paper baskets go, this is pretty neat kit, covered in hand printed canvas that makes it look worthy of the master of graphic pattern, David Hicks. Yours for £29 (normally £48) from the effortlessly stylish new shopping site Dalani Home & Living. Until 10pm. Not that the pressure’s on or anything…


If ever there was a testament to the life enhancing qualities of pattern and colour, it is surely this installation that has just been unveiled at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour in London to celebrate this weekend’s Diamond Jubilee. 

Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, passionforpattern wishes you a truly majestic weekend!  



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