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Beautiful, unexpected oooooh so cleverly coloured….and all the better for being patterned. They’re for Axminster and we love them to bits.

Now tell us you want floorboards…


Unless you’re on board, you’re unlikely to see it, so here’s the rug designed by London interior designer Emily Todhunter and produced by The Rug Company for Gloriana, the barge that will lead the flotilla in the Diamond Jubilee pageant this weekend.

Patterned floors. Enough to make you come out in a cold sweat isn’t? Questions of cost, style and confidence in your aesthetic convictions conspire to make your life a misery. Well, OK, an overstatement but you get the gist. Until now that is. Passionforpattern hero, icon and all round pin up, Neisha Crosland comes to the rescue with this new design produced by Harvey Maria and available from next month. This is a turning point is the history of floors. Believe us. We know. Et in Arcadia sumus.

On a day like today*, where would you rather be? A Scandinavian-inspired interior, drained of colour, except for endless metres of featureless white painted wood, birch ply and maybe some grey (if you’re lucky). Or one swathed in fabrics emblazoned with more vibrant, saturated colour than Carmen Miranda’s hat. You decide. If it’s the latter visit Voyage Decoration’s mood enhancing site and prepared to be amazed, entranced, overjoyed.

*10 degrees and murky for readers fortunate enough to be in the southern hemisphere


Wherever you put it, on the floor, up the wall (or by the pool?), this stunning new rug from Woven Ground will deliver visual and tactile pleasure in spades. Better still, this pleasure doesn’t come at a ruinous cost; prices start at just £350 for a 200x290cm rug. Passionforpattern has been to shops where you’d be lucky to get a doormat for that amount.

Others might have thought of the idea but only Karim Rashid would actually have created a rug emblazoned with his finger print. It’s one of the deeply funky designs that he has done for Bo Concept. Oh the fun of it all…

While the idea of pattern on the floor is a subject close to passionforpattern’s heart, the reality of achieving it is more of a challenge. With a few notable exceptions there’s a gaping chasm between disturbingly cheerful rugs of distinctly ungenerous, doormat-like proportions and disturbingly expensive (if very beautiful) Persian rugs. But The Rug Company has stepped into the breach, helping to fill the chasm with these seven beautiful designs. If you are unable to resist them, they are yours from a very reasonable £195 to a far from unreasonable £1395.

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