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More graphics? Or back to florals? Maybe even plains, albeit in a bold , colourblocking way, rather than shades of beige? Or will everything get progressively softer and more blurred  like the new Luke Irwin rugs we wrote about the other day or Barneby Gates’ exquisite new wallpaper (think Giotto meets Tiepolo, if your art history stretches back that far…or if it starts with Jack Vettriano, take our word for it). This trend is still in the foothills of its ascendancy, so it’s not available to buy quite yet but we thought you’d like a sneek preview. It’ll also be on show at Decorex in the Autumn (if your planning stretches forward that far).


Go on. You first. You know you want to. Just take a deep breath and visit Squint’s website and order some.  Send passionforpattern a snap when you’ve done it. Then we’ll think about it.

Fortune favours the brave and all that.


Yellow had its moment. But let’s face it; it was a just a moment, albeit it a lovely buttercup meadow in August kind of experience. But the fact is that too much of the mad, in-your-face yellow so beloved by 1980s decorators makes your retinas sting. And unsettles your soul. But conversely citrine – yellow with a dash of calming green  – makes your mouth water. Proof lies in harlequin’s delicious new Lucerne wallpaper from the Folia Collection. £48 for ten metres of unalloyed happiness. Citrine rocks. Citrine is here to stay.


…when you can achieve an almost fathomless sense of depth with wallpaper? It’s the latest design from Barneby Gates, the ingenious young design duo bringing something new and beautiful to the world of wallpaper.





No, no, the decorator didn’t get the wrong end of the stick….look what happens when stripes go the other way. Not only do we think that this look is set to be the biggest thing in wallpaper this year but it’s a textbook example of space-manipulating properties of pattern in general  – and horizontal pattern in particular. The wallpaper’s from Harlequin. For more inspired decorating ideas visit the Homes & Gardens site.


You don’t need passionforpattern to tell you the infinite, transformative possibilities of wallpaper. That’s just one of life’s certainties. But what perhaps you didn’t know is that wallpaper now has the capacity to add an almost mouthwatering, deco-style glamour to a scheme that is somewhere between the back seat of Victoria Beckham’s Bentley Continental and the quilted walls of Rita Hayworth’s dressing room (OK, so we are guessing here…or possibly fantasising). It’s called Metropolis Vinyls 2 from Osborne & Little and Passionforpattern really, really wants some.  And it wants it NOW.

These are heady days in the world of wallpaper; a new app from Cole & son (more on that soon..), a nostalgic photo montage from Laura Ashley…and now – yes wait for it – a new Farrow & Ball showroom on New York’s Upper East Side wrapped top-to-toe in its Lotus wallpaper. Passionforpattern salutes this heroic testament to the power of pattern!

There was much debate in the Homes & Gardens office this morning about the future of grey. OK, you might call it idle chatter but we call it WORK. It’s clearly more of a moment than, say, lilac (remember the lilac craze in the late 1990s? maybe you’d rather not?). We are divided; some of us think that it is here to stay, others that it will slowly and imperceptibly become a putty-green, like the  Incredible Hulk. I was in the latter camp until I saw this new Apex design from cole and son  and you realise that grey, like black and white, Wedgwood and Eastenders, could become and an enduring classic.

Phew! We’ve just sent the last few pages of a 32-page supplement on wallpaper to the printers. OK, so it’s wasn’t as gruelling as a triathon, say, but it was…consuming (and fun, too, I have to admit). The purpose was to show how rooms can be transformed by wallpaper – which it certainly did (you’ll have to wait and see, I’m afraid…it’s not on sale until 29 September). One of the highlights was using a new wallpaper from the inspired textile designer Clarissa Hulse who has teamed up with Harlequin .  Some of the designs have her distinctive look that is inspired by natural forms – others, such as Demeter Stripe, a big, bold design with a distinctive watercolour quality feels like a bold new departure. Here are some cushions from the collection that Clarissa shot in the wonderful Hathersage baths in Manchester. To see a room wall-to-wall in the stripe look out for the supplement. It’s breath taking!

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